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The Blind Panic Devices EXP range, are expression controllers that plug into your existing pedals expression input, to control a parameter set by your pedal.

The EXP.LFO2 produces a waveform indicated by the LED. This will automatically ramp up and down the parameter set by the pedal it is plugged into.
With 4 main controls, Speed, Depth, Wave, and Intensity, and 2 switches*, TRS/RTS, and 2 different response modes for maximum compatibility with other pedals, you can shape your desired sound with ultimate precision.

From from stable sinewave, choppy squarewave, and an unstable, seasick wobble, moderately slow to ring mod like speeds, take control, with the EXP.LFO2!

*newer models, the buttons have been replaced with switches.

Note: This pedal requires a TRS patch cable to work correctly.
Requires 9V DC centre negative power source(standard guitar pedal power supply)