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[Li²] Dilithium Delay

£199.00 GBP

The [Li²] or Dilithium Delay pedal will give you all the crazy, alien, pitch warping, time bending sounds from the original, but in a more pedal board friendly, 1590BB.

This is a hand made original delay pedal designed and built by Matt at Blind Panic Devices.

It can be used as a regular 2399 delay pedal, giving you almost a full second of delay, or, engage the stuttering envelope style modulation and propel yourself through time!

Linked video is of the original Dilithium delay. Soundwise, it is identical to the new version.

See pictures for instructions.

Free handmade moving core keyring!

*All pedals are Handmade by the team at Blind Panic Devices, and as such are occasionally subject to minor imperfections and/or slight differences from the model pictured.

Any major cosmetic issues will be listed as B-stock and reduced in price.*

**All pedals are posted in batches, once a week unless otherwise stated.**