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B2! Fuzz, Delay, Microlooper, Modulator

£229.00 GBP

Sequel to the now discontinued Fuzzy Beelay. The B2 is much more than just a ferocious fuzz pedal.
Its on-board delay can give you up to a full second of delay time, and can now be
used in tandem with the Feedback control and footswitch, becoming an infinitely overdubbing MicroLooper!

There are now 2 modulation options; the first is the original envelope style from the Fuzzy Beelay, interacting with your pick attack, making the pitch of your repeats flutter slightly, or decay into pitch-shifting chaos.
The second is an LFO style modulation with full control over the Waveform, Intensity and Depth, two response modes, and with speeds ranging from a slow sweep, to faster than you could ever need!

On the left side of the Waveform, you have a Triangle Wave. When used with a short delay time, this can produce subtle chorus
to seasick bends. The right side of the waveform is a choppy square wave for
more intense, percussive modulation.
The centre gives a lopsided, stumbling sort of waveform.

The faster side of LFOs scale, can be used to emulate a pseudo octave-down, almost ringmod type sounds.

There is no 'Gain' control in this beast. However, with the Mix fully counter-clockwise (no delay), you can now use the Feedback control and Footswitch to add an extra layer of sub-octaves, and rolling down your guitar's volume knob will take you
into full synth mode, becoming extra gated
and giving you even lower octaves and removing the highs.